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Meet our Team
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Connecting Talent with Great Opportunities that Breed Success

As a Talent Partner with inTulsa, Krystal Green is motivated by connecting candidates with opportunities that set them up for success. Krystal’s strong educational background and experience in HR has developed a passion for recruiting and bringing promising talent to the Tulsa area. 

Where did you start your career? What drew you to becoming a Talent Partner?

I was born in Tulsa, but moved to Los Angeles when I was four. After I finished middle school, we came back to Tulsa where the rest of my family was. I was a teen mother and I didn’t want to become another statistic. That experience instilled the progressive values that I have now and influenced me in my career decision. I used to work at a very small bank and would occasionally have to help with job interviews. I learned that I really liked helping and providing people with job opportunities. I loved giving people a chance, even if they didn’t have the best experience for the job.

After that, I ended up working in HR for 10 years but I always had a focus on recruiting. I really enjoyed it but grew apart from it due to the politics of the job. As an HR professional, I wanted to change the world, but the organizations I was with always wanted me to abide by their guidelines. I got tired of that aspect of the job. 

My favorite part of HR has always been finding people jobs, so I decided to drop the rest and make it my focus. I got connected with inTulsa through a post on LinkedIn about an opening for a Talent Partner. I decided to send a message and got all the details. I really wanted to know and understand what inTulsa was all about before I took the time to apply. Once I got all the information, I knew that this was a good place for me. 

What gets you excited to get up and go to work in the morning?

I work remotely, so there are times where I stay in bed to work. However, knowing that I work for a mission-based organization that focuses on growing the economic wealth of my town sparks something in me every day. 

My main responsibility at inTulsa is to try and connect candidates with the clientele that we partner with. If everything works out, then our candidates get offers and get started in a new and exciting career. If an offer doesn’t materialize, I can still help candidates network in order to build their professional circle. 

My ultimate goal is to be that connection for people and to focus on that candidate experience by making sure they have everything they need to land a job. That gets me really excited about what I do!

Through your past experiences, what are some values that you’ve developed an affinity toward?

I think that it’s really important to believe in your gut. There have been times with school and work that I would overlook certain feelings, and it has always found a way to come back and bite me in the end. 

It’s also really important to be open to other perspectives. I’ve gone into situations thinking that things had to be done a certain way and found that other perspectives were better suited for that situation. I always try to ask for other people’s opinions now, so that I can actively stay open to other perspectives.   

What can a candidate expect from working with you? Or with inTulsa in general? 

I do not work in marketing, so my outlook may not give the full scope. However, I would say I try to keep a very straightforward approach. I don’t like to add fluff when it isn’t needed. With inTulsa, we do not operate like a staffing agency. We have an all hands on deck approach. This way, the candidate has a better chance of landing the right role. 

What are the most critical elements to consider when you're partnering with a candidate to help them land a job in Tulsa? Or, when you’re partnering with a business to help them find great talent? 

I like to keep the elements simple. If a candidate tells me that they’re looking for a specific salary, culture, prefers remote or hybrid work, flexibility etc.—I’ll try to focus on those key components. The same goes for employers as well.  

What advice do you have for people early in their careers, or who are making a switch to a tech career? 

My advice would be to go for the job, regardless of whether someone feels fully-qualified. Learn other hard and soft skills through free training on YouTube and Linkedin as well. 

What do you love about Tulsa? What are some of your favorite things to do there?

I love that Tulsa is nothing like what outsiders think. I’ve met so many people who think that we are some sort of rural community that isn’t progressive or exciting. It’s charming and quaint, but it's also really urban. I love that about it here. I’m a homebody, so I’m not the best person to give suggestions on things to do, but I have a lot of friends who get out and do things like paint and sip. I do enjoy getting out to see some of the art around town since I love to paint. Tulsa also has some great museums that are fun to go and visit.