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Rebecca Blood with inTulsa
Rebecca Blood with inTulsa
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As a Project Manager for inTulsa, Rebecca takes the big picture projects that come her way and breaks them into manageable steps that lead to success.

As a Project Manager for inTulsa, Rebecca takes the big picture projects that come her way and breaks them into manageable steps that lead to success.

Where did you start your career? 

I didn’t have a super linear path to this job. The role that moved me toward project manager would be the time I spent on political campaigns, working as an organizer and a regional manager for large campaigns in places like Colorado and Arizona. I gained a lot of skills in project management and decided to pursue it.

How did you get into your current role as a project manager for inTulsa?

I had just finished managing a large campaign and had started looking for a new role when the pandemic hit. Needless to say, my year didn’t go as planned, and I decided to move back to Oklahoma. I reached out to inTulsa to help me find a job. They hired me as a contractor, and now I’m full-time. 

What makes project management appealing to you?

I like taking the broader picture and funneling it down to bite-size pieces to manage. A lot of times, large-scale projects can feel overwhelming to teams, and it’s really helpful to have someone to rely on to get a piece of it done or create a work plan to guide the process. I like the creativity that comes along with project management. It’s a lot more flexible and creative than people give it credit for.

What gets you excited to go to work in the morning?

I work on our special project teams, and recently I’ve been working on our Visa Network Program, managing the relocation of our Visa Network members. I’m helping relocate people from the Ukraine, from managing travel to making sure they have housing when they get here, making sure they have furnishings and are supplied with food to eat. My days focus on being sure all those needs are being met, as well as planning for future members. I work with local partner organizations to manage this, so I check in daily with my associates there. 

Sometimes I help with party planning too. I have recently been working closely with our Operations Manager, Tim — helping him plan team lunches, parties and things like that.

What do you love most about your role at inTulsa?

I love knowing that I’m going to help someone this week. My goal is to make someone else’s life easier. That is really fulfilling. That’s always been on the front of mind. Helping people feels really good, and that synapse in your brain never goes away once you know what that feels like.

One thing that has been really clear to me, in coming back to Tulsa, is that it is so important to be a good neighbor. Since being at inTulsa, I’ve come to appreciate how important it is to be a good asset to the ecosystem that we work within. Being a reliable and honest person is make-or-break-it. And I love working in an environment that honors that and puts that value at the forefront. It’s been great to see and be a part of.

What do candidates and companies need to know about partnering with inTulsa?

We’re a team of people who have your best interests at heart. We’re ready to move mountains to make things happen. We want a more diverse and inclusive and vibrant Tulsa, and everyone here at inTulsa is on the path to make that happen. No idea is too big for us. You can’t dream too big when working with us, and honestly, that is a fun, bright place to be.

What advice do you have for people early in their careers, or who are making a career switch?

I’ve never held too tightly onto anything, because I understand that things change, and I should change along with them. While we live in a society that wants everyone to go into their big profession right after college, if that doesn’t fit you or you don’t go to college, then that’s okay. The most valuable thing in life is experience — and that only happens if you try different things. I’ve got a lot of experience in different things, and that has served me well.

What do you love about Tulsa?

I love how convenient pretty much everything is. You never really run into a traffic jam, and coming from Denver as I have, that is really nice. You can get around easily here.

Something I’ve been surprised about is how welcoming it has been. My fiancée and I wondered about how the queer community was going to be here, and it has been so open and welcoming and bright. We’ve found a large community here, and that has been one of the biggest blessings. It’s fed our souls a lot, and that’s really nice. 

What books, music, podcasts or other resources are you enjoying right now?

I just started reading Women Who Run with the Wolves, and I’d recommend that to everyone. For podcasts, I listen to Chelsea Handler because I think she is hilarious. I also listen to Smartless — I love it so much, and it really brightens my day every time. It’s like you’re in the coffee shop next to them, listening in.

Also, I started a boxing workout at The Engine Room in downtown Tulsa. It has brought me so much empowerment and joy. During these last three years, I have not been moving my body as much as I used to and had been struggling with how to get back into that. Boxing came into my life, I started it out, and I just love it. It’s a fun space to be in.