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We are a talent matchmaking driver with a single civic mission - empowering Tulsa to be a hub of diverse companies and communities committed to the region’s growth.

Connectors of People and Opportunity

Talent inTulsa is a matchmaking driver connecting pioneering and experienced talent with companies looking to grow in Tulsa.

Building a more vibrant and inclusive Tulsa for all

As career builders, we believe that the right people and opportunities have the power to transform lives and improve communities.

Empowering People and Companies to Take Charge of the Future

Moving your career or business to a new city takes courage and a spirit of adventure. We are here to help you every step of the way.

How We Approach Growth in Tulsa

We are your on-the-ground resource making it easy to connect with key hires and launch operations in Tulsa with ease.


Recruit Companies

Facilitate soft landings for companies relocating or growing in Tulsa through key hires, resources, and other connections.

Recruit People

Support matchmaking of Tulsans to jobs while also relocating people with skills that complement Tulsa’s workforce needs.


Retain People

Invigorate the growth of Tulsa’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs by introducing people to opportunities they love.

Retain Companies

Work with local Tulsa companies to grow their businesses here with accelerated access to people and resources.

Coalition Partners