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Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Mobile, Gaming, Web Design/UX, Dev Ops/Cloud Engineers, Data DBA/Data Analysts, AI/ Machine Learning

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A Heartland Hub of Tech and Innovation

In Tulsa, you’ll find a booming startup and technology sector attracting top talent to help scale world-changing products and services.

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We connect people like you directly to hiring managers at tech companies in Tulsa, and support you in finding the right fit for your skills and career goals.

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Software Developer

Consumer Affairs

Why I love my new role:

After years of working independently, I was looking for a place where I could be a part of a team. The people at Talent inTulsa were able to find me a great position that gave me what I was looking for and was a perfect match for my skills and experience.

Why I love living In Tulsa:

My Favorite thing about Tulsa: The most important thing to me is my family, and Tulsa is a fantastic place to raise my kids. We love all the green spaces and parks, especially the Tulsa zoo.


UX Designer

Why I love my new role:

I feel like landing in Tulsa helped me fast-track my career. I knew I wanted to get into Accessibility design in the next five years, and instead of having to wait, I was able to start working on those kinds of projects on day one.

Why I love living In Tulsa:

Coming from New York City, I was used to stressing about little things every single day. From where to park to going to the grocery store, everything was a challenge. In Tulsa, my life is much more relaxed and my cost of living is so much lower.

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Business is Booming. Tulsa is Booming.

One of the fastest-growing innovation hubs in the country, Tulsa has the industry and culture to support a booming metropolis while maintaining small-town charm and a low cost of living.

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Talent inTulsa is helping everyone benefit so that we can continue to improve the city.


New Hire

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Talent inTulsa made me feel like they were a champion for me, and that they truly cared about my success. They wanted me to get placed and made me feel like they believed in me.


New Hire

Lead Data Engineer
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
Senior Full Stack Engineer
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Tulsa, Oklahoma