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Venture for America

What was your experience working with Talent inTulsa? Would you recommend it to others?:

 I would absolutely recommend working with Talent inTulsa! My journey to Tulsa started while I was working at the University of Texas in Austin. I was interested in moving to Tulsa and began looking around my network for connections to the city. I eventually connected with Cassie, who was absolutely delightful. It was like I've known her forever - very warm, very understanding, very considerate.

Why I love living In Tulsa:

Tulsa is a unique place with amazing people. It has a small-town vibe, without sacrificing base for the amenities, and has a Midwestern vibe with southern history. The people here are incredibly warm and welcoming. They're very interested in and rooting for you and your individual success here in Tulsa, which is amazing. I just moved to Tulsa over the summer, and I felt more connected here after a few months than I did after 15 years in Austin, and it’s totally attributed to the spirit of Tulsans. They have a ton of pride in their city and want to see it grow.

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Operations Coordinator


What stands out to you about working with Talent InTulsa?:

The team at Talent InTulsa was great all around. The thing that stuck out to me the most was that they held to their word. They never dropped the ball. I just appreciated that they were intentional and detail-oriented enough to continue to follow up. They were very persistent and kept up with me throughout the whole process. It’s totally worth working with them. 

What are the best qualities of Tulsa?:

 Tulsa is willing to grow and expand out. It feels like there are many acknowledgments of where we need to grow and the actions we’re taking to get there. I had no idea about Tulsa doing what it does with programs like Tulsa Remote, ACT Tulsa, and venture capital places bringing people here. It’s been eye-opening to see that Tulsa is willing to grow and make strides to get there. That wasn’t something I was expecting, but I am really glad to see it.

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Business is Booming. Tulsa is Booming.

One of the fastest-growing innovation hubs in the country, Tulsa has the industry and culture to support a booming metropolis while maintaining small-town charm and a low cost of living.

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Even with the challenge of working remotely, things have been great - smooth onboarding, seamless incorporation into the workflow, and great communication

Jeremy Robinson

Software Developer, Consumer Affairs

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inTulsa was very transparent with me, and I was very transparent with her. You don’t meet many recruiters who are able to do that.

Jennifer Fought

Command Center Manager, Medically Home

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I really credit this organization with contributing to my knowledge and confidence in landing my new position.

Juddie Williams

Member Experience Manager, Tulsa Remote

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Talent inTulsa is helping everyone benefit so that we can continue to improve the city.


New Hire

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Talent inTulsa made me feel like they were a champion for me, and that they truly cared about my success. They wanted me to get placed and made me feel like they believed in me.


New Hire

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