Grow With Us Podcast

Grow With Us is a podcast that focuses on the mission of Talent inTulsa, which connects innovative companies with diverse talent to grow Tulsa into a vibrant and inclusive community.

Luke Scuitto and LGBTQIA+ Organizing and Community in Tulsa

In this episode, we discuss Luke’s involvement in programming events for the Equality Business Alliance, different programs available to folks in the LGBTQIA+ community, and the ways to serve locally in LBGTQIA+ spaces.

Tori Burris and Software Engineering for Non-Traditional Students

This episode of Grow With Us features Tori Burris, the Associate Director of Career Services at the Tulsa Holberton School of Software Engineering. Tori has helped students and graduates with career development and job placement opportunities.

Tyrance Billingsley II and Black Tech Street’s Community Innovation

In this episode, Tyrance and Evan discuss his political and entrepreneurial start, how it led him to another civically minded experience at City Year, and how Black Tech Street is planning to change the landscape of the tech industry in Tulsa.