Grow With Us Podcast

Grow With Us is a podcast that focuses on the mission of Talent inTulsa, which connects innovative companies with diverse talent to grow Tulsa into a vibrant and inclusive community.

Krystal Speed on Grow With Us Podcast

Krystal Speed and HR Strategies for Operationalizing Businesses

This episode of Grow With Us features Krystal Speed, founder of Your HR Strategist. Krystal is an entrepreneur with a heart and passion for helping people and companies learn how to implement meaningful HR Strategies.

Emily Harden and Techlahoma’s Community for Technologists

This episode of Grow With Us features Emily Harden, Executive Director of Techlahoma. Techlahoma is a non-profit organization that provides community through user groups, programming and conferences for ongoing education, and opportunities for jobs through its dense network.

Aaron Whigam, NewU

Aaron Whigham and Discovering the New You That’s In You

This episode of Grow With Us features Aaron Whigham, Program Manager of NewU. The NewU program is a personal development program designed to help unlock human potential within ourselves.