Grow With Us Podcast

Grow With Us is a podcast that focuses on the mission of Talent inTulsa, which connects innovative companies with diverse talent to grow Tulsa into a vibrant and inclusive community.

One Year of Grow With Us! Jake Cronin, Patrick Hosford, and Tulsa's Right to Win with Tech

In this special episode commemorating the one-year anniversary of Grow With Us, Evan, Jake, and Patrick discuss the growth trajectory of Tulsa’s technology economy, the importance of the tech industry to diversifying Tulsa’s economy.

Laura Latta and Unique Higher Education Opportunities

This episode of Grow With Us features Dr. Laura Latta, the Executive Director of the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium. In this episode, Dr. Latta and Evan discuss the role of the Consortium in creating accessible post-secondary opportunities for Tulsans.

Marcia Bruno-Todd and Inclusive Community Building

This episode of Grow With features Marcia Bruno-Todd, Director of Programs & Community Impact at Leadership Tulsa. Marcia supports non-profits with diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and consults on developing authentic community partnerships.