Daniel Jackson and Impactful Internships in Non-Profit Consulting

Grow With Us Podcast
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This episode of Grow With Us features Daniel Jackson, a rising senior at the University of Oklahoma and Team Lead for the J’Parlé consulting group of the Campus Tulsa Impact Academy.

Daniel is pursuing a Film & Media Studies major with a minor in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship. Daniel and Evan discuss Daniel’s previous experience as an Impact Academy intern and this summer’s opportunity to lead a student group through the same experience he had last summer. Daniel is leading the team of students who are working on a consulting project with J’Parlé LLC. J’Parlé is aiming to provide opportunities for BIPOC artists to navigate opportunities, access to physical space, and community building in Tulsa. In this episode, Daniel and Evan discuss skill-building in internships, how to gain confidence early in your career, and the importance of organizing the art community in a thriving art scene. 

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