We Are Tulsa

We Are Tulsa is a special Talent inTulsa series showcasing the people that make Tulsa a vibrant place to live, work, and play. From early-career professionals to experienced leaders and innovators, the collection of talent in Tulsa combines to create a thriving community.


Meet Darrell VP, Consulting Project Manager, BOK

After visiting Tulsa to look into tech job opportunities, Darrell landed in a dream job as VP, Consulting Project Manager at Bank of Oklahoma.

Meet Chris - Community Lead for Juno Medical – Tulsa

With a passion for community engagement and making an impact locally, Chris is excited and energized to serve our area in his role as Community Lead for Juno Medical’s new Tulsa clinic.

Meet Sara - Program Associate for the BEST Program

Sara serves as a Program Associate for the BEST Program at George Kaiser Family Foundation