Meet Amorita

We Are Tulsa
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Amorita Christian started working as a contracting consultant for Point B in January 2022.

Originally from Mississippi, Amorita Christian has lived and worked all over, from Minnesota all the way to Baton Rouge. She’s seen a lot of cities and picked up a lot of experience in the tech world as well. After getting connected with Tulsa Remote, and eventually inTulsa, Amorita was introduced to a whole new city that she now gets to call home.

What does a normal day look like for you at Point B? 

A normal day can get pretty crazy. Working for a global company, my meetings can start as early as 6:30 a.m. and sometimes go as late as 10:30 p.m. if I’m working with a client overseas. When it comes to my job, flexibility is important—but that’s one of the best things about it. My favorite part of working for Point B is having that flexibility and the challenge that comes with my job. I really feel like I’m growing as a program manager and as a person too. Point B has helped me become more organized and thoughtful, not just about what’s happening in my own community but worldwide as well. 

What is the company culture like?

At Point B, the culture revolves around helping everyone find success. Even though I’m assigned to work with specific clients, Point B still feels like a family to me. We check-in on each other, we share templates, and we get together to brainstorm ideas to try and push ourselves and the company to be the best it can be. I truly believe that I have a great support system, thanks to my fellow Point B’ers. 

How does this job fit into the dream you have for your career?

One of the things I love about this job is that I am able to build on all of the previous experiences and skills I’ve gained in my past work. I come from the development world. I’ve worked with software developers, software engineers, infrastructure teams, and directors of IT teams. Not only am I building on those past experiences, but I feel like this job is helping me develop in areas where I need improvement. I also really love the ability to structure my day around my hours. Point B has given me the opportunity to design a lifestyle that works for me. I feel like I have a really good work-life balance right now. 

What was it like starting your new job?

Starting my job was a great experience! There was a smooth transfer of hands from inTulsa to Point B. As I was getting settled, inTulsa would call me to see how I was doing and make sure everything was going smoothly during the first couple of weeks. I felt like the team really cared about me and made sure I was comfortable instead of just throwing me out there and leaving me hanging. They even gave me a cool little Tulsa mug afterwards! 

What was your journey to Tulsa like? 

My journey to Tulsa started through Tulsa Remote. It’s a one-year program and my year is almost up, but I am definitely staying. I like to say that Tulsa Remote brought me here, but Tulsa is keeping me here. It’s the people I’ve met, the connections, the feeling of home — Tulsa is my new home. Every resource and opportunity that I need is here. This made the overall transition really easy for me. 

What advice would you give to someone who was considering making the move?

It sounds cliché, but you just have to do it. Making a major change can be scary, but this has been one of the most productive, beneficial, and exciting moves I’ve made to date. If you’re considering making the move, I suggest getting involved in the community. Tulsa has given me so many opportunities to give back, and I’ve found ways to immerse myself in the community through various programs. If there are causes that are important to you, get involved here locally and you’ll make great connections. 

How did you find out about inTulsa Talent? What was it like working with our team?

I found out about inTulsa Talent from a sign hanging up at 36 Degrees North, a co-working space I use. The sign mentioned inTulsa’s mission and the programs available, and I was instantly intrigued. I decided to reach out, and I got a response instantaneously. Once I started hearing about the job opportunities available, I found it really easy to get all the information I needed. Everyone at inTulsa was extremely helpful and timely in their responses. They knew a lot about the companies and the contacts available for me to reach out to. The folks at inTulsa Talent did a really great job of making the experience personalized for me. 

What were some challenges you’ve faced in past job searches, and how did inTulsa Talent help out?

My past job searches have been hard. I’ve signed up for email lists in the past, but a lot of times their suggestions aren’t even tailored to your interests. However, with inTulsa Talent, most of the suggestions were jobs that fell into my field of expertise. I felt like the experience was really tailored for me. Having a resource to reach out to for information was also helpful — far more helpful than trying to get information from a standard web search. 

How would you describe Tulsa to someone who hasn’t been here before?

Tulsa is a hidden gem, and it’s not on a lot of people’s radar. However, for better or for worse, more and more folks are finding out about it every day. I moved right before the Tulsa Massacre Centennial, and it ended up being the perfect time to see and feel the vibe of the city and its citizens. I feel like I could not have come at a better time. Tulsa is also just a nice city. The city's infrastructure and airport are great and make it easy to get anywhere you need to go. I also love that there are so many options for independent restaurants and small businesses that I can patronize. You can really make a positive impact on the community with your dollar. 

What are some of the best qualities of Tulsa? 

I think Tulsa’s best qualities come from all the opportunities that are here. It’s small enough that you get certain opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily find in a bigger city. The connections you can make here are endless, and there are lots of people here who want to help out in whatever you want to accomplish. All you have to do is reach out and be willing to meet and connect with people. You’re not a small fish in a big pond here, and it’s easy to make the positive change you want to make.