Meet Jason

We Are Tulsa
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Jason Rutters joined Relocation Insurance as the Sales System Administrator in July 2021.

Tell me about your new job at Relation Insurance. 

The new job is classified as a sales administrator. I primarily focus on sales analysis, generating sales reports, and analyzing revenues to help the company evaluate whether or not the people selling are hitting their goals. 

What does your day-to-day look like?

Most of my day is digging into productivity. Right now we’re working on a project where we are starting to generate our annual reports. So, I get up in the morning and go into work and start grabbing data to let the company know what their weekly measurements are like, metrics and performance, and where they stand in their goals. We work in a variety of insurance ranging from agriculture to education. Relation is actually one of the biggest companies growing right now. When I came into this opportunity they didn’t have a lot of reports to lean on for a lot of their metrics because of the timing with COVID. So, when I came in I started to generate basic reports to give them basic information. I tell everyone at work I’m like a prairie dog, I dig into a tunnel and just take off into the dirt and look at data every day. 

That sounds really interesting. What is the company culture at Relation like?

Oh, it’s really good. The thing about the company and the people working there - the name is what they are. They’re all about relation, they’re all about relationships from the employees to the people outside of the company. It’s crucial to them that they develop a culture that is peaceful and pleasant. They have a lot of great holiday events and they even have a company dog there. Yea, they give it a really pleasing atmosphere. Something that everyone can be really happy about and motivated by - which I think is amazing. 

What would you describe as being the best part of your job?

There are so many things. To explain it I’ll give you a little bit of my background. I worked with AAA Insurance for four years. While I was there I was working on online projects and support work. Their model was very high stress because it was almost like a call center attitude. I realized that I didn’t have a future at that company, so I started looking elsewhere. I spent all this time with recruiting in Oklahoma City trying to find something. When Princess found my profile on LinkedIn, she looked over it and found out that I do well with sales analysis. When I went into the situation and moved into this interview with this company, then moved to Tulsa and went into the company, I realized that this role is ideal for me. In regards to your question, I have my own office there and the attitude and atmosphere is great. With the way they work, as long as you are performing and doing your job you’re not going to get anyone standing behind you and breathing on you. They trust their employees which is really different. When I got there it was the company that I had been wanting to look for four or five years. I sat down and thought, “Really? I finally have this perfect role I’ve wanted forever.”

What was it like working with Princess and Talent inTulsa?

Well, the company wanted somebody so fast that when Princess messaged me I sent my resume and within that week the company had called me and scheduled an interview. I think a week-and-a-half after she reached out to me that was it - I was moving to Tulsa. It went real fast and quick. 

How would you describe Tulsa to someone who has never been there?

Everybody thinks it’s a trendy city. I think the city is amazing because they focus towards their people. It’s funny because living in Oklahoma City, it’s so spread out. You don’t get a feel for the city. In Tulsa, they focus on people’s health and they focus on events and activities in both the summer and winter. I lived in Nashville for 13 years and I tell my friends there that this is my Brentwood or this is my Green Hills. So, Tulsa is one of those cities that in the next 10 years is going to explode into a huge population of people - because it’s just a perfect, comfortable city. It's a pleasant place and I love it because there are parks everywhere. There are dog parks. Even the apartment complexes have dog parks. One of the apartment complexes I’ve seen has a big atrium where you can go and sit. I love it because Tulsa focuses on people. 

What are some of your favorite things to do there?

I’m a photographer and the thing I love about the area is that it’s not that far away from a lot of the waterfalls in Oklahoma and a lot of the nature. The zoo is one of my favorite places. I love the zoo here. One of the most unique places I’ve seen in any city is the Gathering Place. They have a really long river walk, it must be five or six miles. People play, rollerblade, jog all down this pathway. It’s amazing. There’s a certain section of it that they were able to transition into a big open area and they made it into a gigantic park. A huge park! So they have all these different divisions that not only focus on the family and the children but also focus on gardens, different restaurants, it’s just a huge place. They even have an app. Tulsa offers so much more entertainment and activities. They have their own soccer team and they have their own hockey team. They’ve got baseball, they have everything you want to have. It’s a really cool place.