Making A Difference In People's Lives

Meet our Team
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With a passion for people and a strong empathetic nature, Elizabeth Guttierrez has always felt a need to help others. When she joined the inTulsa team as a Recruiting Coordinator, she felt she finally found a job where she could make a difference in people’s lives.

How and where did you start your career? 

I’m originally from Chapel Hill, Texas. I grew up on an exotic animal ranch about an hour outside of Houston. We were pretty secluded out there, and I didn’t like it that much. I never really identified with that rural lifestyle so when I went to Texas A&M for college, I was really excited. 

I ended up studying psychology in college. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I really like people and carry a lot of empathy. So, I figured I’d learn about people and why they interact and behave a certain way. The world can be very divisive and quick to judge, so I felt psychology was very empathetic and would help me understand and appreciate the different journeys and backgrounds that make us all different.   

After college, I started working for a construction manufacturing company in HR. I’ve never been motivated by climbing the corporate ladder, but instead by making a difference in other people’s lives. Initially, I felt like HR would be a good fit but it wasn’t. Instead of directly helping others, I ended up pushing papers, dealing with benefits and doing lots of data entry. It wasn’t very fulfilling. 

When I landed at inTulsa, it gave me a really good idea how I can help other people in my community in a fulfilling way. When I took the interview and they explained their mission and what they were doing for the community, I got really excited because it was a perfect fit.

What do you love most about your career?

My career aspirations have always involved helping others. I believe that I always need to be helping people in some form. I get excited about being able to do that on a daily basis at inTulsa. It’s so fulfilling, and I find it to be a lot more motivating than trying to climb a corporate ladder. I love having the satisfaction I get from my job, knowing that I’m making a difference in other people’s lives.  

What are the most critical elements to consider when you're partnering with a candidate to help them land a job in Tulsa?

It’s important to find out what the driving motivator for the candidate is. Do they want opportunities for growth? Better work-life balance? Better salary and more responsibility? Finding out what motivates the candidate helps me determine what kind of roles I should look for. Throughout an individual’s career, what motivates them can change. I hope that each candidate can find a place that values their skills, contributions, and opinions. Candidates shouldn’t have to settle for less than that.

What can a candidate expect from working with you? Or with inTulsa in general?

Candidates that I work with can expect a hands-on approach when searching for career opportunities. I love to talk with candidates about their next move and search for roles that excite them. inTulsa offers a personal approach to talent matching. All of our team members put in a lot of effort and consideration to each candidate they work with. We’re passionate about helping our community and connecting with folks who share a passion for Tulsa.

What advice do you have for people early in their careers, or who are making a switch to a tech career?

One piece of advice that I have is to have a LinkedIn account and actively use it. Yes, resumes are important, but LinkedIn will show us that you are engaged with your network and industry. It’s important to follow and connect with the people in your industry that you are looking to pivot toward, as well as create an online presence that shows your skills and personality. 

What do you love about Tulsa?

I really love the community here! I have more friends here than I’ve ever had. Everyone here is really open to meeting people and forming new relationships. People are really passionate about Tulsa and the direction that it’s going. The small business network here is also very cool—everyone wants to see each other succeed. In Tulsa you get the big city feel but still have the accessibility of a smaller community. 

As far as the city and infrastructure go, I love all the cycling trails that we have. My husband and I like cycling, so having lots of options for trails is a definite plus for us.