The gender pay gap impacts a broad intersection of Women, their families, and their future.

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The gender pay gap measures the difference in median hourly earnings between men and women who work full or part-time in the United States.

Career choices certainly influence the gap, but bias and gender discrimination factor heavily into the wage gap; with a lack of accountability in inclusive hiring practices or pay compensation philosophy, women, especially women of color, are disproportionately affected. When you calculate how this unfair practice affects women over time, the cumulative effects of it are astounding. 
The simple truth is that the gender pay gap impacts a broad intersection of Women, their families, and their future. According to Pew Research, women, on average, earn 82 cents on the dollar. Pay disparity continues due to bias in women-dominated fields: education, nursing, and administrative work, while engineering and other STEM occupations are deemed more valuable. These gender-based stereotypes continue to permeate workforce development and recruitment strategies. 
At InTulsa, we deliver advisory services to organizations seeking to mitigate gender bias by outsourcing their recruiting processes, evaluating their total rewards strategy with data-driven decision-making, and designing equitable and inclusive compensation philosophies that will narrow the gap in your organization to attract qualified talent and retain high-potential employees. We strongly believe in and advocate for equal pay for equal work. 
If you want to learn about the current wage gap in your area, access the calculator here. Candidates in today’s labor market partner with InTulsa’s team to find their next role with the right organizations, leading to life-changing opportunities. 
If you are interested in discussing how InTulsa can help your organization get gender pay and recruitment services on the right side of history, contact us today.